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Color & Lightening

Radiant Copper Balayage

Easy Balayage? Yes Please! PRAVANA's Senior Artistic Educator Tiffany Lobdell-Summers shows you her simple Teasylight method for perfectly blended results!

How To: Instagramable Hair

Looking to build your following on your social channels, but don't know how or where to begin? Watch Taylor Rae of our PRAVANA Collective share her pro Tips & Tricks for creating scroll-stopping color & style, then learn how to capture eye-catching content!

Beetlejuice-Inspired Halloween VIVIDS Color Blocking

See how Kayla Marie Boyer of our PRAVANA Collective took inspiration from the movies to create an amazing Beetlejuice-Inspired Color-Blocked interpretation for Halloween VIVIDS fun!

Smokey French Balayage Technique

Learn a French Balayage technique from the Queen of Balayage Aspen Rae Tengler of our PRAVANA Collective who utilizes its soft effects as a base for a rich, sultry look featuring PRAVANA's ChromaSilk Smokey Series!

VIVIDS Everlasting Smoked Berry Color Melt

VIVIDS-like results from permanent color? Yes please! See how our PRAVANA Educator Mentor Melody Larissa utilizes our ChromaSilk VIVIDS Everlasting shades mixed with our ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color for a seductive Smoked Berry result!

Easy Highlighting Technique with Blonding Creme

See how PRAVANA Educator Mentor Ashley Krupa Berg utilizes PRAVANA's Pure Light Blonding Creme's powerful formula which leaves hair looking healthy, nourished, and hydrated with this easy Highlighting Technique!

Wear Your PRIDE

Wear Your PRIDE Recreate this dramatic split hair technique from PRAVANA Advanced Artistic Educator George Blanco and wear your PRIDE with PRAVANA ChromaSilk VIVIDS!

Why This Lightening Technique Is as Easy as It Is Pretty

Transitioning Summer bleach blondes to a LIVED-IN BLONDE got you puzzled? See PRAVANA Advanced Artistic Educator Becky Betts' Retouch & Balance formula featuring ChromaSilk HI LIFTS!

Lightening Textured Hair

Lightening Textured Hair Looking for inspiration to create dimensional and HEALTHY textured hair? PRAVANA Educator Mentor Tim Bo Mack shares his expert technique with a BONUS natural styling method!

We Will Let You In Our Secret To Creating This Pearlized Hair Look

Wanna know how PRAVANA Collective members Melody and Michael created this look that went VIRAL on IG? Here are the tips and techniques from the king and queen of holographic hair!

The Futuristic Trend That's Taking the Hair Color World by Storm

Wanna know the secrets of creating ethereal HOLOGRAPHIC hair? View these 5 Steps from the Masters - Michael & Melody Lowenstein of our PRAVANA Collective!

Get a Taste of This Strawberry-Inspired Trend While You Can

Global Blonding - where to begin? Kayla Boyer from our PRAVANA Collective shares her Tips for PERFECT Platinum Blonding with wisps of Strawberry!

This Hybrid Hue Flatters Blondes Brunettes, You Name It

Why blended bronde can do no wrong. Score the perfect blend with less stress!

This Bewitching Color Melt Technique Will Blow Your Mind

The bewitching new technique you have to try, no magic wand required!

A More Sophisticated Twist on the Pumpkin Spice Latte Trend

Pumpkin spice & everything nice. Cozy up to this fall favorite shade any time of year.

Blonde To Brunette in One Step? You Won't Believe How Easy It Is

Blonde to brunette in one step? It’s not just possible, it’s fast and easy too!

See How Copper Takes Winter Hair to New Brights

Winter blues? Warm up your cold-weather look with this vibrant copper balayage

Why This White-Hot Prismatic Hue Is Like a Dream Come True

You’re not dreaming — this heavenly hue is a prismatic shade come true

This Red Hot Hue Has All Our Hairstylists Fired Up

Our Educator Mentor Tim Bo Mack is sharing the PRAVANA Love this St. Valentine’s Day with his Rich Ravishing Red Color Melt — and a bonus fun and easy styling technique for natural hair!

Nervous About Freehand Balayage? Here Are 5 Foolproof Steps

Unleash your artistry and let your CREATIVITY flow with the easy free-hand balayage technique from Aspen Rae of our PRAVANA Collective!

Monochromatic Doesn't Have To Be Boring With VIVIDS Everlasting

Watch as Taylor Rae from our PRAVANA Collective shows you an easy Monochromatic Hair Color blend that packs a punch using our PERMANENT VIVIDS shades — VIVIDS Everlasting!

6 Steps To Achieve These Sweet Multidimensional Caramel Highlights

Learn our Senior Artistic Educator Sarah Nitz’s Pro Tips as she transitions her client towards Spring with Buttery Caramel Highlights and a chocolate-y base for a delectable hair color transformation!

Platinum Toners Dusty Lilac

The wait is over! Single shade Platinum Toners are here for that perfect platinum on Levels 9 and 10 every time! See how our Educator Mentor Tim “Bo” Mack uses them to create a Dusty Lilac!

Wait Until You See This Modern Twist on Color Blocking

Want a simple way to achieve a stunning cascade of VIVIDS hair color? Yes please! See PRAVANA Canada Artistic Educator Bx Pfeiffer’s easy Fruit Slices Color Blocking technique!

See How an Arizona Cactus Influenced This Pro's "Desert Bloom" Look

Inspired by the Prickly Pear Cactus native to the beautiful Arizona Desert, see how Senior Artistic Educator Tiffany Lobdell-Summers created this stunning Desert Bloom look for Festival Season with VIVIDS Pastels!

This Tropical Hairline Halo Placement Is Both Powerful and Beautiful

See how Kayla Boyer of our PRAVANA Collective is warming up Winter locks with an easy vibrant ChromaSilk Copper Red all over color framed with a Hairline Halo of Tropical VIVIDS shades!

How To Have a Spring Fling Using VIVIDS Pastels With VIVIDS Clear

Learn how to create a Lavender Ombre while Senior Artistic Educator George Blanco teaches you how to offer customized Spring VIVIDS pastel shades by utilizing VIVIDS Clear-Pastel!

Copper Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Want to Paint the Town Red

Create Rich Copper Tones that Whisper, Talk or Shout!

This Fall-inspired Hue Is a Year-round Shade of Gorgeous

Maple Bronde look puts a fun—yet still wearable—spin on the season.

Why Stylists & Their Clients Can’t Get Enough of This Hybrid Hue

Learn how to formulate bronde for darker levels with Letecia Perez.

Stylist Secrets To Keep VIVIDS Blended—Not Muddled

Yes, you can blend it like a pro with this VIVIDS Blending Techniques.

When Time Is of the Essence, These Toners Really Bring It in Minutes

ChromaSilk Express Toner sets the tone for gorgeous, vibrant hair color.

Is This the Answer to Natural-Looking Highlights?

Can’t choose which lightening technique to use? You don’t have to!

Save the Heat for the Honeymoon With This Minimal Heat Hair Updo

Bridal Styling got you nervous? Watch as PRAVANA's Educator Mentor and Bridal Specialist Ashley Krupa Berg shares her time-saving Tips & Tricks for an Express Highlight and Bridal Styling with minimal heat styling!

VIVIDS Pride Rainbow Hair

For clients who are requesting a scroll-stopping look to celebrate Pride, see Taylor Rae from our PRAVANA Collective's easy triangle placement method of bright ChromaSilk VIVIDS shades for unicorn hair that’s Over the Rainbow!

Live. Love. Vividly Proud.

Love VIVIDS Pride Rainbow Hair but don't want the commitment? Learn how our Senior Artistic Educator George Blanco custom colors clip-in extensions with ChromaSilk VIVIDS to change up your look in an instant so you can Live. Love. Vividly Proud!

HI LIFTS for Base Breaking

Do your blonding clients complain about dark regrowth within a couple of weeks? See how our Senior Artistic Educator Becky Betts utilizes our ChromaSilk Hi Lifts to "Break the Base" in just 10 minutes for a softer transition!

Burnished Copper Natural Curls Makeover

Hop on the Ginger trend with Tiffany Lobdell's easy Express Halo Highlighting technique paired with vibrant shades of ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color for a Burnished Copper result that accents natural, undulating curls!

Everyday Silver Color Blocking

For the chameleons that like to switch up their look see PRAVANA Italia Artistic Educator Davide Cirillo's simple Color Blocking technique utilizing PRAVANA's demi-permanent ChromaSilk Express Tones for highly-requested Silver locks!