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HydraGloss Crunette: The Latest Hair Color Trend where Copper meets Brunette

by Tiffany Lobdell-Summers
Discover the latest hair color trend with HydraGloss Crunette, where the richness of Brunette intertwines flawlessly with the warmth of Copper! Watch as PRAVANA Artistic Educator Tiffany Lobdell teaches you how to create a vibrant fusion that elevates your style, offering a lustrous and captivating glossy finish that’s sure to turn heads!


Lightening Formulas

10g Pure Light Power Lightener + 30g 10 Volume Developer

ChromaSilk HydraGloss Base Formula

ChromaSilk HydraGloss 35g 4Nt + ChromaSilk HydraGloss 35g 5Nt + 70g Zero Lift Creme Developer

ChromaSilk HydraGloss Overlay Formulas

Formula 1: ChromaSilk HydraGloss 30g 7Nt + ChromaSilk HydraGloss 30g 7Cr + 60g Zero Lift Creme Developer

Formula 2: ChromaSilk HydraGloss 30g 9Gbv + 30g Zero Lift Creme Developer


Step 1: Sectioning

Divide the hair into two sections by taking a vertical parting from nose to nape.

Hair divided into two sections

Step 2: Pre-Lightening

Starting at the nape of the neck take a diagonal back section from each side of the head and apply two back-to-back foils utilizing the Lightening Formula. Leaving out two inches of hair, take another diagonal back section and apply the Lightening Formula to back-to-back foils. (As you move up the head, your partings will become wider so you will need to do two sets of foils side-by-side). Continue to leave out two inches of hair and take your next diagonal back section pre-lightening one slice side-by-side, then repeat one more time. For the final diagonal back section, tease your slice and apply the Lightening Formula feathering up to the tease.

Hair is pre-lightened using Lightening Formula

Pro Tip

Teasing your section closest to the face will create a more seamless blend.

Step 3: Base Application

While the lightener is processing, apply the HydraGloss Base Formula in between the foils starting at the top of the head working down to the nape of the head.

HydraGloss Base Formula is applied to the hair

Process 20 minutes at room temperature while keeping an eye on your lightener, rinsing early if needed as you reach a Level 9. The lightener can be processed up to 55 minutes. Cleanse the hair with PRAVANA’s Color Protect Cleanse and towel-dry well.

Step 4: Overlay Application

Starting at the nape of the neck, take a diagonal forward parting and saturate the first pre-lightened section with HydraGloss Formula 1. Dropping down your next pre lightened section, saturate with HydraGloss Formula 2. Repeat this alternating pattern over the remaining pre-lightened sections as you work your way throughout the hair.

Overlay application of HydraGloss formula 1 and 2

Process 15 minutes. Cleanse and condition with PRAVANA’s Color Protect regimen and style as desired.


HydraGloss Crunette: The Latest Hair Color Trend where Copper meets Brunette

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