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Nervous About Freehand Balayage? Here Are 5 Foolproof Steps

by Aspen Rae
Before and after of Brown and Blonde Balayage Hair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dULK6Ec4x9I
Unleash your artistry and let your CREATIVITY flow with the easy free-hand balayage technique from Aspen Rae of our PRAVANA Collective!



1 ½ oz Pure Light Balayage Lightener + ½ oz Pure Light Power Lightener + 4 oz Pure Light Balayage High Activator


2 oz ChromaSilk Express Tones Beige – Blondes + 3 oz Zero Lift Creme Developer


Step 1

Take partings from ear to ear and along the natural part, then in the back section clip off 1-2” subsections to create a working guide.

Step 2

Beginning in the nape area, apply the Balayage formula in 2 Mirrored Slants forming a half “V” on each side.

Step 3

Take down your next subsection and apply 2-3 Brick Lay Panels forming a “W” for full coverage. Continue with the same application through all remaining back subsections.

Step 4

Section one side of the head into 1-2” subsections up to the part and apply the Balayage formula in a half “V” creating a Face Frame Slant. Continue in the same manner through all remaining side subsections and repeat on the other side.

Step 5

Process up to 55 minutes with no heat. Cleanse with The Perfect Blonde shampoo, towel-dry well and apply the Toning formula for 5 minutes at the shampoo bowl. Rinse well, condition and style.

Pro Tip


  • Hold sections vertically to allow for seamless blending
  • Paint one side of the hair for blending towards the natural root area, paint both sides of the hair for more color saturation towards the ends, using “W” and “V” shapes
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