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This Bewitching Color Melt Hair Technique Will Blow Your Mind

by George Blanco
Before And After Of A Color Melt Hair Technique
Learn the Tips and Tricks for creating SEAMLESS VIVIDS color melting technique creating “Negative Space” from a Pro – Senior Artistic Educator George Blanco! Just in time for Bewitching Halloween Fun!!


Lightening Formula

30g Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 60g 20 Volume Creme Developer

Toning Formula

60g ChromaSilk Express Tones Violet – Blondes + 90g Zero Lift Creme Developer

Color Formulas

Formula A: 60g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Magenta + 8g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Violet
Formula B: 90g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Clear-Dilute
Formula C: 30g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Sunstone + 30g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Neons Neon Orange + 4g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Magenta



To diminish minerals, spray Purify and Revive PRIME generously, comb through, and allow to sit for 3 minutes while you mix your lightener (no rinsing or shampoo required).
A Bottle Of PRAVANA PRIME Purify & Revive


Divide the hair into 4 quadrants to create a working guide.

Step 1: Global Blonding Retouch

Starting in the nape area, take thin 1/8” partings and apply the Lightening Formula to the new regrowth with a light tapping motion to avoid overlapping the previously lightened hair.
Then, lift up your section and apply to the other side to ensure full saturation.
Applying A Lightening Formula In Preparation For A Color Melt Hair Technique

Pro Tip

For a virgin application or for regrowth longer than ½”, apply ½” away from the scalp through the ends or through the line of demarcation processing to 80% of your desired level, then apply on scalp.

Step 2: Process

Process at room temperature checking every 5-10 minutes up to a maximum of 55 minutes until you achieve a Level 9 where you only see yellow pigment remaining.
Shampoo and towel dry thoroughly.
Do not condition prior to toning.
Step Two Of Color Melting Technique - Shampoo And Dry

Pro Tip

See the recommended level of lift circled on the top of each ChromaSilk VIVIDS box.

Step 3: Toning

On well towel-dried hair, apply the Toning formula to the root area dragging it down 3” and process 10 minutes at room temperature.
Then, apply the Toning formula to the mid-lengths and ends processing an additional 3 minutes.
Rinse, shampoo lightly and dry the hair 100%.
Applying A Toning Formula On The Hair For Color Melting

Pro Tip

“Tone to Set the Tone” – leaving the Toning Formula longer on the base sets a violet tone for the purple stretch root, pulling it through the mids/ends for 5 minutes or less neutralizes any residual yellow warmth.

Step 4: VIVIDS Application

Apply Color Formula A to the base dragging it down 3”.
Applying Color Formula A For Color Melting Technique

Pro Tip

Apply ChromaSilk VIVIDS generously using a side-to-side motion reloading your brush every 3 inches for the most vibrant and even coverage.

Step 5: VIVIDS Application

Apply Color Formula B to the next 3” mid-section to create “Negative Space” between the two fashion shades.
Applying Color Formula B For Color Melting Technique

Pro Tip

“Negative Space” keeps two VIVIDS shades from blending into each other and allows the blonde hair to show through.

Step 6: VIVIDS Application

Apply Color Formula C to the remaining 3” through the ends.
Process all 30 minutes at room temperature.
Applying Color Formula C For Color Melting Technique

Pro Tip

Blend the transition areas lightly between your index and middle fingers for a seamless transition.

Step 7: Rinse and Condition

Rinse with cool water until the water runs clear and condition with PRAVANA’s Color Protect Condition.
Detangle with Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment, emulsify Polish and Reunite in your hands and apply to the hair combing through for even distribution, and style.
Rinsing Hair As Part Of Color Melting Technique

Pro Tip

Rinse ChromaSilk VIVIDS with high water pressure and cold water keeping the hair straight while gently lifting at the root.


Reveal of This Bewitching Color Melt Technique Will Blow Your Mind

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