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Is This the Answer to Natural-Looking Highlights?

by Brie Messinger

Highlight. Lowlight. Babylight. Teasylight. It seems like every time you blink, there’s a new lighting technique. But when it comes to the best blend for optimal brightness, what’s the difference?

Unlike traditional highlights, teasylights are a method of highlighting that backcombs (AKA teases) individual sections of strands to create a soft, seamless blend. The reason for teasing is to make the transition from dark to light less harsh for a more natural-looking diffusion. Teasylights are a surefire bet for clients who crave lighter hair with low-maintenance care.

Can’t choose which lightening technique to use? You don’t have to! Both methods play nicely—and beautifully—together. Highlights around the nape and hairline keep locks bright, while teasylights everywhere else result in a beautifully diffused grow-out.

But no more teasing… let’s get to it! Watch as Senior Artistic Educator Brie Messinger @colorbriehappy shows you how to lighten in a new light.

Inspired Looks

Model with natural highlights. Image by @colorbriehappy on Instagram.

Spotted: Natural highlights from the multifaceted Artistic Educator herself Brie Messinger

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