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Color & Lightening

We Will Let You In Our Secret To Creating This Pearlized Hair Look

by Michael and Melody Lowenstein
Wanna know how PRAVANA Collective members Michael and Melody Lowenstein created this look that went VIRAL on IG? Here are the tips and techniques from the king and queen of holographic hair!



Formula 1: PRAVANA PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener and ZERO LIFT Developer

Formula 2: PRAVANA Express Tones 10% Pearl 90% Clear with ZERO LIFT

Formula 3: PRAVANA VIVIDS 10% Sunstone, 10% Rose Gold and 80% Clear-Pastel


Step 1

Apply formula 1 in global lightening technique. Process 55 minutes, then rinse. Apply PRAVANA Silk Degrees, let sit 5 minutes and rinse.

Step 2

Apply formula 2. Process 5 minutes, then rinse.

Step 3

On towel dry hair apply formula 3. Process for 30 minutes. Rinse and style as desired.

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