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Ravishing Red Dahlia: ChromaSilk Grey Coverage with HydraGloss Shine

by Tash Gagnon
This Red Dahlia is no shrinking violet! Watch a tutorial from PRAVANA’s Western Canadian Mentor Tash Gagnon for your ticket to standing out in a field of ordinary, with vibrant color that’s as bold as it is beautiful! Embrace your inner flower power and let your vibrant personality bloom with ChromaSilk grey coverage and HydraGloss shine!”


Lightening Formulas

Formula 1: 20g Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 40g 10 Volume Creme Developer

Formula 2: 20g Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 40g 20 Volume Creme Developer

ChromaSilk Grey Coverage Formula

ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color 45g 3N + 15g 5.66 + 90g 20 Volume Creme Developer

ChromaSilk HydraGloss Overlay Formula

ChromaSilk HydraGloss 90g 5R + 90g Zero Lift Creme Developer


Step 1

Section the hair into the PRAVANA Standard 5 by taking a radial parting from behind the ear to behind the ear. Then take a horizontal parting along the parietal ridge on each side of the head in the front section to create a mohawk section and two side sections. Finally, take a vertical parting in the back to divide the hair into two sides.

Hair sectioned into PRAVANA Standard 5

Pro Tip

This type of sectioning helps you to manage very thick and dense hair.

Step 2

Pre-lighten the hair utilizing a sliced highlighting technique and the Lightening Formulas leaving ½” of hair out in between each foil.

Applying the Lightening Formula using Highlighting Technique

Pro Tip

Start your lightening with 10 Volume for the back and side sections and progress to 20 Volume in the mohawk section for even processing.

Step 3

Apply the ChromaSilk Grey Coverage Formula while the lightener is processing.

Applying the ChromaSilk Grey Formula

Pro Tip

Take thin 1/8” sections for resistant grey.

Process 45 minutes at room temperature while keeping an eye on the highlights removing the lightener earlier if necessary. The lightener can process up to 55 minutes checking every 5 to 10 minutes until you reach a Level 7/8. Cleanse the hair thoroughly with PRAVANA’s Color Protect Cleanse and towel-dry the hair.

Step 4

Apply the HydraGloss formula taking ½” sections starting at the base and working it through the ends..

Applying the HydraGloss Formula in sections

Pro Tip

ChromaSilk HydraGloss can be applied to dry hair or well towel-dried hair for a time saver.

Process 20 minutes at room temperature. Cleanse and Condition with PRAVANA’s Color Protect regimen, then rinse and style as desired.


ChromaSilk Grey Coverage with HydraGloss Shine

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