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Blonde To Brunette in One Step? You Won't Believe How Easy It Is

by Ashley Krupa Berg
See Educator Mentor Ashley Krupa Berg‘s SINGLE STEP low-commitment Blonde to Brunette technique with “no filler required” for an easier transition back to blonde in the Spring!


Shadow Root Formula

Formula 1: ChromaSilk Express Tones 30g Dark Neutral Ash + 30g Beige + 90g Zero Lift Creme Developer

Color Formulas

Formula 2: ChromaSilk Express Tones 20g Dark Neutral Pearl + 20g Pearl + 10g Violet + 75g Zero Lift Creme Developer
Formula 3: ChromaSilk Express Tones 20g Pearl + 10g Violet + 45g Zero Lift Creme Developer


Step 1: Prep the Hair

Diminish minerals by spraying Purify and Revive PRIME Spray generously throughout the hair and comb through. Allow it to sit for 3 minutes, then shampoo with Purify and Revive Cleanse and towel-dry the hair. Apply Silk Degrees Prep and Treat to equalize the porosity allowing it to sit for 5 minutes, rinse and towel-dry the hair.

Pro Tip

Diminishing minerals and equalizing the porosity before coloring back very light, porous hair will increase the longevity of the color service.

Step 2: Section the Hair

After spraying Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment and combing through to detangle the hair, create three sections by parting the hair behind the ear to behind the ear to separate the front from the back. Divide the front into two sections at the natural part. The back of the hair creates your final section.

Step 3: Color Application – Back Section

Take a 1” diagonal back parting on each side to create a “V”. First Color Pattern: Starting on one side, stitch a Broken Slice (____ ____) and apply Formula 1 as a shadow root melting into Formula 3 in the center and into Formula 2 on the sides. Repeat on the other side. Next, take a horizontal slice at the bottom of the “V”. Apply a shadow root with Formula 1 melting it into Formula 3. Second Color Pattern: Continue with these three sections and simply change your formulas by melting Formula 1 into Formula 2 in the center of the broken slices and into Formula 3 on the sides. Then for the slice at the bottom of the “V”, melt Formula 1 into Formula
2. Alternate these two color patterns until you reach the top of the crown ending with melting Formula 1 into Formula 2.

Pro Tip

Create a shadow root of about 2½“ and take sliced partings (without stitching a broken slice) for the first section on each side of the nape melting Formula 1 into Formula 2 to create depth.

Step 4: Face Frame Color Block Section

Create a face frame color block section by taking angled back partings (away from the face). Take a slice and apply Formula 1 as a shadow root, then stitch micro stitches (- – – – – -). Apply Formula 2 in a foil blending the transition point. Then Apply Formula 3 to the remaining hair (no foil necessary). Repeat throughout the entire face frame section.

Pro Tip

Create a shallow shadow root in the face frame and front sections to maintain the lightness while adding dimension, closer to 1” around the hairline.

Step 5: Front Section

Continue working with angled back partings for the remaining hair in the front which will be divided into three sections. For the first slice behind the face frame, melt Formula 1 into Formula 2. Next, create a Broken Slice (____ ____) melting Formula 1 into Formula 3 in the center and Formula 1 into Formula 2 on the sides. The last section should mimic the first melting Formula 1 into Formula 2. Repeat on the other side.

Step 6: Shampoo and Style

Shampoo with Color Protect Cleanse and Condition. Spray Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment to detangle. Cocktail Full Volume for volume and Polish and Reunite to repair any split ends combing through for even distribution prior to blowdrying the hair. Lightly spray Hydra Pearl Mist for high shine and thermal protection before curling the hair and finish the style with Super Shape Hair Spray for hold.


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