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Get a Taste of This Strawberry-Inspired Trend While You Can

by Kayla Boyer
Female Model in Platinum Blonding with wisps of Strawberry Hair Color By Kayla Boyer https://www.youtube.com/embed/HxbrSFXMIQ0
Global Blonding – where to begin? Kayla Boyer from our PRAVANA Collective shares her Tips for PERFECT Platinum Blonding with wisps of Strawberry!


Lightening Formula

1oz Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 2oz 20 Volume Creme Developer

Pearl Formula

2oz ChromaSilk Creme Color – Pearl 10.08 (10p) Extra Light Sheer Pearl Blonde + 3oz 10 Volume Creme Developer

Enchanted Pink Formula

1oz ChromaSilk VIVIDS Everlasting Enchanted Pink + 1.5oz 10 Volume Creme Developer


Step 1

Section the hair into 4 quadrants ear to ear and forehead to nape to create a working guide.

Step 2

Global Blonding retouch: Starting in the nape area taking thin 1/8” partings, lift up your subsection to apply the Lightener formula to the underneath first, then drop the subsection and apply to the top of the hair to ensure full saturation.

Pro Tip

For a virgin application or for regrowth longer than 1 ½”, apply ½” away from the scalp on all 4 quadrants, process to 80% of your desired level and then apply on scalp.

Step 3

Continue applying the Lightener formula in thin 1/8” subsections throughout the back quadrants first, then apply to the front so you can easily rinse the back out while the front continues to process.

Pro Tip

Place a foil every 4-5 subsections to insulate the heat of the scalp or apply in back-to-back foils for added control.

Step 4

Process up to 55 minutes at room temperature until you achieve a clean Level 10, you’re looking for the color of the inside of a banana. Shampoo and dry completely. Do not condition prior to toning.

Step 5

Taking ½” subsections, apply the Pearl formula from the base through the mid-section and alternate the Pearl formula with organic sections of the Enchanted Pink formula from the mid-section through the ends.

Pro Tip

As you apply the color, work it into the hair with your hands for even saturation and keep a towel handy to wipe your hands as you change shades.

Step 6

Process 30 minutes at room temperature. Cleanse and condition with the PRAVANA Color Protect system which has antioxidant properties to stop residual oxidation. Detangle with PRAVANA Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment and style with a cocktail of PRAVANA Polish and Reunite + PRAVANA Hydra Pearl Oil.

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