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Stylist Secrets To Keep VIVIDS Blended—Not Muddled

by Kayla Boyer

From food recipes to music harmonies to #relationshipgoals, a “perfect blend” isn’t always easy to achieve, especially when it comes to vibrant fantasy colors. If you don’t blend seamlessly, harsh lines and bleeding can quickly turn a multi-colored look into a multi-colored mess.

Wondering if a natural-looking blend with “unnatural” hair colors is even possible? Turns out, it’s beyond doable! Minneapolis-based stylist, salon owner and PRAVANA Collective member Kayla Boyer @kayla_boyer shows us how to get a beautifully blended look (using totally opposite colors!) with less stress or mess.

If you have any questions or want to see other tutorials, feel free to let us know! We’re always down to blend a helping hand.

Pro Tips
  • Add ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Clear-Dilute or Clear-Pastel in between colors to help them blend more seamlessly.
  • When painting, paint the top section AND underneath for even saturation.
  • Move the brush around as much as possible to avoid any missed spots or hollow areas.
  • Paint vertically and then use your fingers to blend, blend, blend—i.e. avoid harsh demarcation lines.
  • Work the color down with your fingers and overlap colors for a smoother transition.

Inspired Looks

Model with multi-colored blended hair. Image by @kayla_boyer on Instagram

Did someone say VIVIDS blending? Look no further than the queen of blending herself, Check out this Multi-colored blend from Collective Artist Kayla Boyer

Model with VIVIDS blended hair. Image by @john.n1115 on Instagram.

VIVIDS blend galore! PRAVANA Artist John N, is always giving us the color melts we see in our dreams

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