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3 Steps to ChromaSilk VIVIDS AI-Inspired Periwinkle Perfection

by Melody Larissa
Before and After Hair Transformation of the Male Model in 3 Steps to ChromaSilk VIVIDS AI-Inspired Periwinkle Perfection
Unlock the Digital Delight of PRAVANA’s ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Digital Purple collection–the perfect blend of whimsical charm and digital precision, resulting in Periwinkle Perfection that will leave heads turning! Melody Larissa shows you how ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original and the enchanting allure of purple will have you rocking a shade so captivating–it’s practically pixel-perfect!


Lightening Formula

Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 2 parts chosen Creme Developer

Toning Formula

ChromaSilk Platinum Toner Lilac + 1.5 parts Zero Lift Creme Developer

VIVIDS Formula

ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original Periwinkle

Purify & Revive PRIME applied as a prep for the male model's hair

Diminish any minerals in the hair by applying Purify & Revive PRIME Demineralizing Spray allowing it to sit for 3 minutes while you mix your lightener—no shampoo or rinsing required!


Step 1: Global Blonding

Taking thin 1/8” sections, pre-lighten the hair utilizing a Global Blonding retouch technique and the Lightening Formula.

1/8” thin sections of the male model's hair is pre-lightened

Pro Tip

Begin your lightener application in the back of the head with 10 Volume Creme Developer and switch to 20 Volume Creme Developer as you reach the front so all will process at the same time.

Process at room temperature up to 55 minutes checking every 5 to 10 minutes until you reach a Level 10. Thoroughly cleanse the hair with PRAVANA’s Intense Therapy Cleanse and apply Silk Degrees Prep & Treat for 5 minutes. Rinse and towel-dry the hair.

Step 2: Tone to Set the Tone

Apply the Toning Formula all over from roots to ends.

Toning formula applied all over from roots to ends on the hair of the male model

Pro Tip

Process ChromaSilk Platinum Toners up to 5 minutes for neutralizing warmth or up to 10 minutes for full tonal deposit.

Process at room temperature for 10 minutes. Rinse and cleanse the hair with PRAVANA’s Color Protect Cleanse. Dry the hair completely.

Step 3: VIVIDS Application

Apply the VIVIDS Formula taking thin sections making sure to saturate the strands well.

VIVIDS Formula applied to the male model's hair in thin sections

Pro Tip

Keep in mind the “3-inch rule” while applying VIVIDS applying generously to both sides of the hair reloading your brush every 3 inches.

Process 30 minutes at room temperature. Rinse with cold water and high water pressure until the water runs clear and apply Color Protect Condition. Rinse and style as desired.


Hair Reveal of the Male Model in 3 Steps to ChromaSilk VIVIDS Original AI-Inspired Periwinkle Perfection

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