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HydraGloss Blushes with a VIVIDS Desert Sunset

by Brie Messinger
Before and After of HydraGloss Blushes with a VIVIDS Desert Sunset https://youtu.be/5LsNyDymo8A
Watch as PRAVANA Artistic Educator Brie Messinger shows you how to create a desert-inspired look kissed by the warm glow of twilight, blending soft HydraGloss blush pinks reminiscent of cotton candy skies with a halo of VIVIDS pastel pink and sunlit yellow mirroring the fading sun. This ethereal palette evokes a sense of wonder and serenity, capturing the breathtaking beauty of nature’s evening spectacle.


Lightening Formulas

10g Pure Light Power Lightener + 30g 10 Volume Creme Developer

ChromaSilk HydraGloss Formula

Formula 1: ChromaSilk HydraGloss 15g 5Nt + 5g 6Bv + 5g 9Nt + 25g Zero Lift Creme Developer

Formula 2: ChromaSilk HydraGloss 25g 9Gbv + 5g 10Nt + 5g 7Cr + 35g Zero Lift Creme Developer

Formula 3: ChromaSilk HydraGloss 27g 9Nt + 8g 7Cr + 35g Zero Lift Creme Developer

ChromaSilk VIVIDS Formulas

Formula 1: ChromaSilk VIVIDS 18g Too Cute Coral + 20g Pretty In Pink + 3g Pink + 8g Sunstone

Formula 2: ChromaSilk VIVIDS 26g Clear-Pastel + 4g Yellow + 3g Luscious Lavender


Step 1: Sectioning

Start with taking out a 1” halo section around the perimeter of the head. Divide the remaining hair above the halo into 4 quadrants by taking a radial parting from ear to ear and a vertical parting from nose to cape, clipping the sections up and out of your way.

Hair is sectioned

Pro Tip

Vary the size of the halo section depending on how much or how little VIVIDS you want to see.

Step 2: Pre-Lightening

Pre-lighten the halo section utilizing the Lightening Formula and a Platinum Card technique taking thin ¼” partings.

Halo section is pre-lightened with lightening formula

Pro Tip

Back-to-back slices provide the most impact.

Step 3: HydraGloss Application

While the lightener is processing taking ¼” diagonal back partings, apply the HydraGloss base formula to each of the four quadrants.

HydraGloss base formula is applied

When complete, go back taking the same ¼” partings and alternate melting HydraGloss Formula 1 and HydraGloss Formula 2 applying them to the mid-lengths and ends, blending them in the shadow root.

HydraGloss formula 1 is applied
HydraGloss formula 2 is applied

Pro Tip

Drag the shadow root down further in the back and less towards the face for a natural look.

Process 20 minutes at room temperature while keeping an eye on your Halo section, rinsing early if you reach a Level 10 before the HydraGloss processing time is complete. Cleanse with PRAVANA’s Intense Therapy Cleanse and dry the Halo section (only) completely.

Step 4: VIVIDS Application

Section the hair again as in Step 1. Melt VIVIDS Formula 1 into VIVIDS Formula 2 blending the transition point gently.

VIVIDS Formula applied on the hair
VIVIDS Formula applied on the hair

Process 30 minutes at room temperature. Rinse with cold water and high water pressure until the water runs clear. Condition the hair with PRAVANA’s Color Protect Condition and style as desired.


HydraGloss Blushes with a VIVIDS Desert Sunset

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