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Color & Lightening

Everyday Silver Color Blocking

by Davide Cirillo
For the chameleons that like to switch up their look see PRAVANA Italia Artistic Educator Davide Cirillo’s simple Color Blocking technique utilizing PRAVANA’s demi-permanent ChromaSilk Express Tones for highly-requested Silver locks!


Lighting Formula

50g Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 100g 20 Volume Creme Developer

Toning Formula

ChromaSilk Express Tones 5g Pearl + 5g Smokey Silver + 30g Clear + 60g Zero Lift Creme Developer

Color Formulas

Formula 1: ChromaSilk Express Tones 10g Smokey Silver + 30g Clear + 60g Zero Lift Creme Developer
Formula 2: ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color 10g 8.8 + 15g 10 Volume Creme Developer
Formula 3: ChromaSilk VIVIDS 5g Aquamarine + 5g Clear-Pastel


Step 1: Prep

Prep the hair by spraying Purify and Revive PRIME generously throughout the hair, combing through for even distribution and allowing to sit for 3 minutes (no rinsing or shampoo required). This will diminish any hard water minerals prior to any chemical service.

Pro Tip

Minerals are found in 85% of household water which can cause lightener to puff and swell or color to take inaccurately.

Step 2: Sectioning for Global Blonding

Section into the PRAVANA Standard 4 quadrants to create a working guide by taking a radial parting from the crown to the top of the ear on each side, then take partings from crown to nose and crown to nape.

Step 3: Global Blonding

Beginning in Quadrant 1 and working clockwise around the head, take thin 1/8” partings, applying the Lightening Formula from the scalp through the previously lightened ends.

Pro Tip

For a virgin application, apply the Lightening Formula ½” away from the scalp through the ends (or previously lightened hair) first, then go back and apply on scalp to accommodate the heat zone.

Process at room temperature checking every 5-10 minutes until you have reached a Level 10 Pale Yellow. Shampoo the hair with PRAVANA’s Color Protect Cleanse and towel-dry well.

Step 4: Tone to Set the Tone

“Tone to Set the Tone” by applying the Toning Formula for 5 minutes on well towel-dried hair to neutralize any remaining warmth.

Step 5: Sectioning for Color Blocking

Isolate the fringe area, then take a radial parting from the top of the crown to the top of the ear on each side. From the triangle corners of the fringe area, take a diagonal back zigzag parting to the radial parting repeating on the other side.

Pro Tip

The angle of diagonal partings can vary depending on how much depth is desired creating areas of light and dark to allow color-blocked shades to pop when pulling the hair back or styling the hair in different ways.

Step 6: Color Blocking – Back, Top and Sides

Apply Formula 1 to both back sections and top front sections, then apply Formula 2 to the low front sections on each side.

Pro Tip

Apply the color in vertical sections bringing all the hair towards the back for cleaner application applying to the roots first, then the mid-lengths and ends.

Step 7: Color Blocking – Fringe

Take a subsection with a horizontal zig zag parting and apply Formula 2. Take another subsection with a horizontal zig zag parting and apply Formula 3. Apply Formula 1 to the remaining hair.

Pro Tip

Zig zag partings allow for seamless blending of the shades.

Process 30 minutes at room temperature. Shampoo and condition with PRAVANA’s Color Protect Regimen and style.


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