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Kayla Boyer

Beetlejuice-Inspired Halloween VIVIDS Color Blocking

See how Kayla Marie Boyer of our PRAVANA Collective took inspiration from the movies to create an amazing Beetlejuice-Inspired Color-Blocked interpretation for Halloween VIVIDS fun!

Get a Taste of This Strawberry-Inspired Trend While You Can

Global Blonding - where to begin? Kayla Boyer from our PRAVANA Collective shares her Tips for PERFECT Platinum Blonding with wisps of Strawberry!

This Tropical Hairline Halo Placement Is Both Powerful and Beautiful

See how Kayla Boyer of our PRAVANA Collective is warming up Winter locks with an easy vibrant ChromaSilk Copper Red all over color framed with a Hairline Halo of Tropical VIVIDS shades!

Stylist Secrets To Keep VIVIDS Blended—Not Muddled

Yes, you can blend it like a pro with this VIVIDS Blending Techniques.