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Formula A: 1 oz Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 2 oz 10 Volume Creme Developer
Formula B: ChromaSilk Express Tones 1 oz Violet + 1 oz Clear + 3 oz Zero Lift Creme Developer
Formula C: ChromaSilk VIVIDS Pastels Luscious Lavender
Formula D: ChromaSilk VIVIDS Pastels Blissful Blue
Formula E: ChromaSilk VIVIDS Pastels Pretty In Pink
Formula F: ChromaSilk VIVIDS Pastels ¼ oz Luscious Lavender ¼ oz Blissful Blue ½ oz Clear Pastel



Section the hair into 4 quadrants ear to ear and forehead to nape to create a working guide.

Step 1

Global Blonding retouch: Starting in the nape area take a thin 1/8” horizontal slice and apply Formula A from the scalp to the line of demarcation.

Pro Tip

When applying lightener, dab the brush to gently tap the lightener on the regrowth only to prevent overlapping the previously lightened hair.
Step 1

Step 2

Repeat this same process on all 4 quadrants continuing to use Formula A. Process until the hair reaches a pale yellow Level 10 (you are looking for the color of the inside of a banana). Shampoo, towel-dry and apply Silk Degrees Prep & Treat for 5 minutes at the shampoo bowl. Rinse only.

Pro Tip

Silk Degrees Prep & Treat acts as a porosity equalizer increasing the longevity of color and leaves the hair feeling like literal silk.
Step 2

Step 3

On well towel-dried hair, apply Formula B to the root area processing 5 minutes. Then, pull Formula B all the way through to the ends and process another 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Pro Tip

This is a crucial step – “tone to set the tone”. It is what gives the color an iridescent and metallic quality. Pastel hair color is very translucent so the tone underneath will show through.
Step 3

Step 4

Dry the hair completely. Apply a 2” shadow root using Formula C. Then, starting in the nape area, create zig-zag partings, section randomly and alternate Formulas C, D, E and F. Process 30 minutes at room temperature.

Step 5

Rinse well and lightly shampoo with TRUITY Cleanse and Condition. Before blow drying, apply Hydra Pearl Mist to your hands and emulsify. Apply lightly to the hair starting at the ends working your way up. This provides thermal heat protection and incredible lightweight shine. Dry the hair and apply a small amount of Hydra Pearl Mist once more.

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