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Formula #1: Pure Light Power Lightener + 3 parts 10 Volume Creme Developer


Formula #2: ChromaSilk Hi Lifts Violet Blue + 1.5 parts 30 Volume Creme Developer


Formula #3: Express Tones Dark Neutral Pearl + 1.5 parts Zero Lift Creme Developer



Highlighting with Macro Stitches __ __ __ (think linguini) and Micro Stitches – – – – – – (think spaghetti)



Step 1: Section the hair into four quadrants – ear to ear and forehead to nape to create a working guide.


Step 2: Beginning in the nape area, take a ¼” parting and weave Macro Stitches applying Formula #1.


Step 3: Take another ¼” parting and weave Micro Stiches applying Formula #2.


Step 4: Alternate Step 2 and Step 3 throughout all four quadrants of the hair.


Step 5: Shampoo, towel-dry well and apply Formula #3 for 3-5 minutes, rinse well and condition.


Step 6: Detangle with Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment and using a cocktail of PRAVANA’s Hydra Pearl Oil and Texture Balm to create a velvety consistency, control flyaways and act as a heat protectant, style creating 2-strand twists and place the client under a warm hooded dryer. Once dry, undo the 2-strand twists gently and shake out the look with Hydra Pearl Mist styling with your fingers.

Pro Tips


Tip 1: For an added pop of color around the face….when you reach the front hair line, finish this section with 2 Macro Stiches applying Formula #1.


Tip 2: Prescribe PRAVANA’s new Truity Cleanse and Condition to quench thirsty hair, add incredible shine and leave hair feeling soft & silky.

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