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Shadow Root

ChromaSilk Express Tones 15g Dark Neutral Ash + 15g Dark Mahogany + 45g Zero Lift Creme Developer


ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color 30g 7.45 + 45g 10 Volume Creme Developer


20g Pure Light Power Lightener + 60g 10 Volume Creme Developer


Formula A: ChromaSilk VIVIDS 20g Garnet + 10g Wild Orchid
Formula B: ChromaSilk VIVIDS Orange
Formula C: ChromaSilk VIVIDS Neon Yellow


To diminish minerals, spray Purify & Revive PRIME generously, comb through, and allow it to sit for 3 minutes while you mix your lightener (no rinsing or shampoo required).

Step 1: Shadow Root

Apply the Shadow Root Formula dragging it down 1-2”.

Step 2: Section the Hair

Create 5 Sections: First, divide the hair in half by parting behind the ear to behind the ear across the top of the crown. Next, using the Parietal Ridge as your guide, create two side sections. The remaining hair in the front becomes your mohawk section. In the back, create the last two sections by parting horizontally across the occipital bone.

Pro Tip

Find the Parietal Ridge by laying your comb vertically against the temple, tip the comb and take a horizontal parting where the head begins to round.

Step 3: Back Section (Below the Occipital Bone)

Take 1-2” vertical partings and apply the Color Formula through the mid-shaft and ends to create depth.

Step 4: Crown Section (Above the Occipital Bone)

Create a “V” section taking diagonal back zig-zag partings and apply the Color Formula dragging it down 1-2” from the Shadow Root. Then, using a Balayage Technique, apply the Lightener Formula to the rest of the hair feathering it up to meet the Color Formula. Next, following the same “V” section, take diagonal back sliced partings and apply the Color Formula only through the ends.

Pro Tip

For a Balayage Technique, create a “V” or “W” shape when applying the Lightening Formula, then turn your brush sideways and feather it up to meet the Color Formula.

Step 5: Sides and Mohawk Sections

Slice and micro stitch the first few back-to-back partings in each section and apply the Lightening Formula feathering it into the shadow root. Then, taking diagonal back partings on the side sections and horizontal partings on the mohawk section, repeat the alternating zigzag/slice pattern from Step 4.
Process until the lightened sections reach a Level 8/9, shampoo only, towel-dry the hair and apply Silk Degrees Prep & Treat for 5 minutes at the sink. Rinse only and dry the hair.

Step 6: Face Frame Section

Create a Face Frame section 1½” back from the hairline to behind the ear on each side. Then, starting behind the ear, take 1” panel partings melting VIVIDS Formula A into VIVIDS Formula B. Melt VIVIDS Formula C into the ends as you work your way up on each side for added pops of color.

Pro Tip

Drag VIVIDS Formula A down deeper behind the ear and more shallow as you reach the top for brighter color around the face.

Step 7: Finish

Cleanse and Condition with PRAVANA’s Color Protect System and Style with a 1-1/2” Curling Iron.

Instructional Video

Video Tutorial

Wearable VIVIDS Pumpkin Spice Latte

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