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Pearl Blonde: ChromaSilk Crème Hair Color 10.08 + 1-1/2 parts 10 Volume Crème Developer


VIVIDS Rainbow: All ChromaSilk VIVIDS

  • Red: 2 parts Wild Orchid + 1 part Red + 1 part Clear-Dilute
  • Orange: 2 parts Magenta + 1 ½ parts Neon Yellow
  • Yellow: 1 part Yellow + 1 part Neon Yellow + ½ part Clear-Dilute
  • Green: 2 parts Neon Yellow + 1 part Aquamarine
  • Blue: ½ part Blue Topaz + 1 part Aquamarine + ½ part Blue
  • Violet: 1 part Violet + 1 part Clear-Dilute
  • Pink: 1 part Neon Pink + 2 parts Magenta + 1 part Clear-Dilute



Pre-lighten: To Level 10 palest yellow like the inside of a banana with Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 2 parts 10 or 20 Volume Crème Developer, shampoo, towel-dry well


Treat: Apply Silk Degrees Prep & Treat for 5 minutes at the sink to equalize the porosity for more longevity, rinse and dry 100% dividing the hair in half


Color: Apply ChromaSilk Pearl Blonde formula to one side from the base through the ends protecting with foil or meche sheets; subsection the other side into 7 pie slices and apply ChromaSilk VIVIDS Rainbow formulas, process all 30 minutes uncovered at room temperature.

Pro Tips


  • Apply ChromaSilk VIVIDS generously to both sides of the hair, reloading your brush every 3 Inches
  • Rinse each section separately with cold water and high pressure starting with the darkest shade first, shampoo and apply conditioner leaving it in repeating for each section, rinse all together
  • Prescribe Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner which has Antioxidant Properties to Stop Residual Oxidation and Protects Color for up to 60 shampoos

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