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Lightening Formula

20g Pure Light Power Lightener + 60g 10 Volume Creme Developer

Shadow Root Formula

20g ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color 6.66 + 10g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Everlasting Scarlette Red + 45g 10 Volume Creme Developer

Color Formula

20g ChromaSilk VIVIDS Everlasting Scarlette Red + 30g 10 Volume Creme Developer


Prep the hair by spraying Purify & Revive PRIME combing through to distribute evenly and allowing to sit for 3 minutes while you mix your lightener. This will diminish any minerals in the hair that can affect the color and condition of the hair during a lightening service. (No shampoo or rinsing required.)

Step 1: Pre-Lightening Retouch

Apply the Lightening Formula to the dark base only feathering lightly to blend into the previously-lightened ends without overlapping.

Pro Tip

Hair that has been previously treated with permanent color, pre-lightening is necessary to expose underlying pigment that factors into the final color outcome.

Process until you reach a Level 6 orange-yellow checking every 5-10 minutes, rinse with cool water and shampoo with TRUITY Cleanse (do not condition at this time).

Step 2: Section

Section the hair into four quadrants to create a working guide.

Step 3: Shadow Root

Beginning in the back right quadrant, take ½” subsections and apply the Shadow Root Formula.

Step 4: Color

Starting with the same 4 quadrant sectioning and beginning in the back right quadrant, take ½” subsections and apply the Color Formula to the mid-lengths and ends.

Pro Tip

Blend the transition area between the Shadow Root and Color between your index and middle fingers as you apply.

Process 30 minutes at room temperature. Rinse with cool water, then Cleanse and Condition with PRAVANA’s TRUITY regimen.

Step 5: Style

Detangle the hair with PRAVANA’s Intense Therapy Leave-In Treatment, then cocktail TRUITY Blowdry Cream with a few drops of Hydra Pearl Oil and comb through for even distribution. Taking 1” sections from forehead to nape, create a 2-strand twist and place the client under a warm hooded dryer. Once dry, emulsify Hydra Pearl Mist in your palms and undo the twists and style with your fingertips.

Pro Tip

Both TRUITY Blowdry Cream and Hydra Pearl Oil provide thermal protection up to 450 degrees.


Instructional Video

Video Tutorial

Rich Ravishing Red Color Melt

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