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Here are some exciting products & innovations to watch out for this year.

VIVIDS - Digital Purple
VIVIDS – Digital Purple
Semi-Permanent Color
Coming June 1st!
  • “Reclaim the Fame” . . . from the OG VIVIDS brand!
  • 1 in every 3 VIVIDS sold is a purple shade
  • Addressing the need for cooler toned purples for levels 7+
  • 3 beautiful shades – Periwinkle, Cyber Grape & Smokey Violet
ChromaSilk HydraGloss
ChromaSilk HydraGloss
Demi-Permanent Color
Coming July 1st
  • Dive into Hydration. Soak up glossy color. Drench hair in shine & color.
  • Demi-permanent gel to crème hair color
  • 24 intermixable shades that deposit color, gloss and tone
  • Designed to complement your ChromaSilk color portfolio
ChromaSilk Creme Color - Smokey Series
ChromaSilk Creme Color – Smokey Series
Permanent Color
  • For far too long ash has been the only option to cool down & balance warmth.
  • 4 new blended shades smoke out unwanted warmth:
    • • 5.92 Light Smokey Beige Brown
    • • 6Nt9 Dark Neutral Smokey Blonde
    • • 8.92 Light Smokey Beige Blonde
    • • 10Sa Extra Light Smokey Ash Blonde
ChromaSilk Crème Developer
ChromaSilk Crème Developer
Coming Spring!
  • Features bonding technology
  • Leaves hair feeling softer
  • Improves hair appearance
  • Adds shine
  • Aids combability
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