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In a New Light

Now available in new compact, convenient, mess-free packaging! We traded traditional tubs for a sleek hand-held design, easy-pour spout and built-in measuring cap to maximize time and space while minimizing waste. Just pour, measure, mix and our scoop-free powder seamlessly lifts and lightens hair.

PURE LIGHT Power Lightener™

  • Lifts up to 7 levels
  • Dust-free and mess-free blue formula
  • Micro-encapsulated for time-released lightening

PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener™

  • Lifts up to 9 levels
  • Formulated with Reunite Mending Technology™ to restore hair from the inside out
  • Can be used for on or off-scalp lightening

*Prior to first use: Twist off the cap and spout to remove the safety seal by applying pressure to the center of the foam. Tightly twist the caps back on, ensuring it clicks into place.

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