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Meet the PRAVANA Collective

Chita Beseau

“I recommend toning with
TONES before VIVIDS to create
opalescent hues and make a quick
color look like a masterpiece.”

Franco Hernandez

“With PRAVANA, I have all
the tools I need to be a
versatile master color

Kayla Boyer

“I love being a part of the
PRAVANA family because
it’s truly a unique, reliable
and extremely innovative

Michael & Melody Lowenstein

“PRAVANA has given us the tools to excel as colorists and stylists, as well as a community, a family and a place to call home”

Neal Malek

“My favorite PRAVANA product
is the VIVIDS Rose Gold because
its unique yet versatile tone
allows for sweet overlays and
on-trend VIVIDS applications!”

Presley Poe

“For me, PRAVANA is a testimony to who I hope to be as a person: integral, innovative, transparent and above all, an advocate for the everyday stylist!”

Taylor Rae

“My favorite thing about
PRAVANA is the versatility!
Whether my clients want
VIVIDS or natural tones, I can always give them top of the line color!”

Niki Nguyen

“There’s so much I hope to achieve in my career, and being a part of PRAVANA Collective is such an honor. I can’t wait to start this journey and see what we’ll accomplish!”

Aspen Rae

“I am so honored to be a part of PRAVANA Collective and can’t wait to show everyone the balayage tricks I have up my sleeve!”

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