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Lightening Formula

40g Pure Light Ultra Lightener + 80g 20 Volume Creme Developer

Grey Coverage Formula

ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color 25g 7.4 + 25g 7N + 75g 20 Volume Creme Developer

Base Color Formula

ChromaSilk 40g 8.43 + 30g 7.4 + 105g 30 Volume Creme Developer

Overlay Formulas

Formula 1: ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color 20g 7.40 + 5g 7.46 + ChromaSilk VIVIDS Everlasting 25g Pastel Potion + 75g 10 Volume Creme Developer
Formula 2: ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color 30g 9.3 + 45g 10 Volume Creme Developer


Step 1: Prep

Prep the hair by spraying Purify and Revive PRIME generously throughout the hair, combing through for even distribution and allowing it to sit for 3 minutes (no rinsing or shampoo required). This will diminish any hard water minerals prior to any chemical service.

Pro Tip

Minerals are found in 85% of household water which can cause lightener to puff and swell or color to take inaccurately.

Step 2: Grey Coverage

Apply the Grey Coverage Formula to the new regrowth taking thin 1/8” – ¼” sections.

Pro Tip

ChromaSilk shades are dedicated non-blended shades for creative control. For grey coverage, incorporate N, .3G or Nt equal to the percentage of grey into your formula.

Step 3: Base Formula

Apply the Base Color Formula to the mid-shaft taking ¼” sections leaving out the previously lightened ends.

Pro Tip

N, .3g or Nt is not needed for the mid-shaft where there is no grey present. Select a higher volume developer to use on the cold shaft to avoid “hot roots”.
Process 45 minutes at room temperature. Shampoo only and dry the hair.

Step 4: Section the Hair

Divide the hair into four quadrants by separating into front and back sections taking an radial parting from the back of the ear to the back of the ear. Then divide each section into two additional sections by taking a vertical parting in the middle.

Pro Tip

Cut the hair before beginning your Balayage application so you are not cutting out the look you are creating.

Step 5: Corrugated Balayage

Beginning in the nape area on one side, take a 1” diagonal forward parting and holding the ends tautly, apply the Lightening Formula using a free-hand balayage technique. Apply the lightener to one side feathering up towards the top of the section, and fully saturate both sides towards the ends for added brightness. For your next parting, take a 1” diagonal back parting in the opposite direction and apply the Lightening Formula using the same free-hand balayage method. Continue this pattern throughout the section, on the other side and in the front sections.

Pro Tip

For smaller sections near the nape of the neck or on the sides of the head, create “V” shapes with your balayage application and for wider sections in the middle of the head, create “W’ shapes for added light and less depth.
Process at room temperature checking every 5-10 minutes until you have reached a Level 9 Light Yellow. Shampoo the hair with PRAVANA’s Color Protect Cleanse and dry the hair.

Step 6: Overlay

Apply Overlay Formula 1 melting into Overlay Formula 2 from roots to ends blending the transition point.

Pro Tip

Hold the hair vertically when melting two shades and blend the transition point between your index and middle fingers gently for a seamless blend.
Process at room temperature for 30 minutes, cleanse and condition with PRAVANA’s Color Protect Regimen and style.


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Dimensional Copper Balayage

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