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Silk Degrees

Formulated with PRAVANA’s exclusive REUNITE MENDING TECHNOLOGY™ to mend split ends from the inside out, Silk Degrees Prep & Treat smooths and softens hair, reduces frizz and provides shine. It’s also proven to increase manageability by over 50%, add thermal protection and humidity resistance!

New and improved formula = no need to pre-mix!

  • No heat source needed
  • New technology for better reparative benefits
  • Easy-to-use in a backbar-friendly pump
  • Use before or after color applications
  • Treatment is done in just 5 minutes!

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Color Enhancers


Temporary creative color-depositing conditioners that last up to seven washes! Available now in Pink, Aqua Blue, Violet, and Silver.


Formulated with Reunite Mending Technology™
Proven to mend split ends so hair is smoother, healthier and more manageable than before
Packaged in 100% recyclable, bio-resin tubes made of sugarcane



VIVIDS Everlasting

Amp up every day naturals with the all-new ChromaSilk VIVIDS Everlasting. The three new permanent creme hair colors are available in the gorgeous creative shades; Violet Reign, Bewitching Blue, Poison Berry. ChromaSilk VIVIDS Everlasting is PRAVANA’s VIVIDS-like permanent color collection that is used with developer for beautiful, long-lasting formulas. Recreate the trending formulas you see on social media for your clients, or simply start your own color trend by intermixing your favorite ChromaSilk permanent colors with VIVIDS Everlasting shades for wearable yet WOWing results.

Color protect shampoo & conditioner

NEW! COLOR PROTECT Shampoo & Conditioner

Clinically proven to ensure color lasts up to 60 washes
Antioxidant properties stop residual oxidation
UV color protectors reduce color fading
Enriched with Silk Amino Acids to help build strength


New Stylers by PRAVANA

When it comes to hair, it’s personal.  The way you style behind the chair is your signature, and PRAVANA is here to empower you to create the looks you envision.  Introducing PRAVANA’s all-new stylers, designed to be used alone or cocktailed.  These 3 new, multi-purpose styling products can help you and your clients create and maintain salon-fresh looks.

NEW! FULL VOLUME Soft Texture Foam

Lightweight volumizing foam
Humidity resistant
Formulated with Cottonseed Proteins for soft body without stickiness


Lightweight Shine Spray
Nourishes, hydrates and improves manageability
Vitamin oil complex fights frizz and humidity
Protects against heat up to 450° F

NEW! HYDRA PEARL OIL Vitamin Oil Complex

New clear formula for smooth, shiny, deeply nourished hair
Vitamin oil complex fights frizz & humidity
Protects against heat up to 450° F

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PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener™


the most requested yet most challenging salon service that stylists face every day behind the chair. With the ongoing platinum and pastel hair trends among influencers and celebrities, clients are looking to professionals to recreate these looks more than ever. What if it was possible to achieve higher levels of lift while maintaining the integrity of the overall finished look? Introducing the all-new PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener™: PRAVANA’s highest lifting lightener that’s clinically proven to increase shine and softness of the hair. PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener™ does more than lift; it’s formulated with NEW REUNITE MENDING TECHNOLOGY that restores hair from the inside out.


Lightening services work by swelling the cuticle to allow lightener to enter the hair, leaving it in a dry, fragile state. REUNITE MENDING TECHNOLOGY works by depositing amino acids for added internal strength and plant-derived polymers that mend the cuticle layer. The result? Smooth, shiny hair! Since REUNITE MENDING TECHNOLOGY adheres to the inner cuticle layer rather than coating the strand, hair is free of heavy residues that weigh it down! The hair is left with beautiful, natural shine. PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener™ with REUNITE MENDING TECHNOLOGY works with lightener, not against it so stylists don’t need to factor in longer processing times, plus they have the ability to use their developer volume of choice, making it a must behind the chair.

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ChromaSilk Violet Arsenal

What is it?

VIOLET: a timeless, inclusive shade adored by the beauty and fashion industries, that clients request and stylists strive for. Whether it’s to neutralize warmth or simply add tone, the demand for high-quality violet products behind the chair is imperative. PRAVANA is ready to equip stylists around the world with the tools they need to conquer the violet realm. Introducing the all-new ChromaSilk violet arsenal: the highly-anticipated .7 series of PRAVANA’s award-winning ChromaSilk Permanent Creme Hair Color line plus an all-new demi-permanent ColorLush Violet Color Boost.

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