Pure Light Balayage Lightener is a lightener specifically formulated for the art of Balayage.
It purposefully creates effortless, natural blondes without the use of foils. Pure Light Balayage Lightener creates a touched by the sun look that is so unique from lighteners of the past, stylists will find balayaging to be easier than ever before.

Balayage Lightener

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Balayage Lightener

  • PRAVANA's proprietary blend of Ricke Flour and Kaolin Clay actually hardens and creates a shell around the hair, insulating the lightener inside, allowing the product to continue processing without drying or needing foil. This unique hardened shell also allows hair artists to layer sections for foil-free lightening with no fear of transfer.
  • PRAVANA’s proprietary blend of Rice Flour and Kaolin Clay
    • Forms an outer shell that hardens, encapsulating the hair and lightener inside keeping it moist and allowing or extended open-air processing.
  • Aloe Vera
    • Pairs with the Aloe Vera found in the Pure Light Balayage Activators to cohesively keep the lightener moist and preserve the integrity of the hair.
  • Keratin Protein
    • Strengthens the hair as it is being lightened, for a full-circle of protection to create beautiful Balayage results.