Breaking the mold with a new, ground-breaking approach to balayage and different from traditional developers, PRAVANA created three Activators specifically for the art of balayage and open-air hair painting.
The 3 Pure Light Balayage Activators provide a wide array of lightening options. The Low Activator provides 2-3 Levels of lift. The Medium Activator Provides 3-4 Levels of Lift. The High Activator provides 4+ levels of lift.

Pure Light Balayage Activators

Downloadable Brochures:

Pure Enlightenment Brochure

Pure Light Balayage Activators

  • The Pure Light Balayage Activators are specifically formulated to maximize the performance of Pure Light Balayage Lightener to create the perfect balayage consistency.
  • Developed with nourishing Aloe Vera and special blonding catalysts.
    • Aloe Vera promotes healing and moisture retention, keeping the lightener inside the “shell” moist for extended open-air processing while preserving the integrity of the hair.