ColorLush Demi Glosses include 4 Color Boosts and a Clear for completely customizable coloring.
ColorLush offers ColorLush’s Color Boosts to give stylists total artistic freedom. Mix and concoct color palettes, create and conceive hair colors like you’ve never seen before. Artistry was at the forefront of the creation of ColorLush Demi Glosses. Take the shades and formulas you create to the next level by adding any one of the 5 Color Boosts offered in the ChromaSilk ColorLush line.

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ColorLush Product Page


Take your shade and color formulas to the next level by adding your desired Color Boost. For a boost of tonality, the suggested dosage is 1 full dose of the dropper per 2 oz. of color chosen. Example: 1 full dose per bottle of color (2 oz.) or ½ a dose per half bottle of color (1 oz.).  No extra ColorLush Developer is required. The more Color Boost you add, the more incremental the deepning in level and tonality.



Red Color Boost

  • ·         Enflames Copper and Red tones to create fiery tones
  • ·         Neutralizes overly green tones
  • ·         Creates purple tones when added to the Blue family


Blue Color Boost

·         Enhances Blue family
·         Neutralizes deep brassy or orange tones
         Cools the Red shades


Copper Color Boost

  • ·         Intensifies Copper and Red shades
  • ·         Spices neutral shades up


Gold Color Boost

  • ·         Elevates Gold shades
  • ·         Mix with cooler tones for blended tonality
  • ·         Creates ashier tones when added to the Blue family


ColorLush Clear can be added to any of the ColorLush shades to dilute and lighten any color formula, for a variety of color applications from color corrections, to gentle toning.


The more ColorLush Clear you add to the ColorLush formula, the lighter the level of deposit and the more translucent the tone.